Friday, September 5, 2014

How to Hire a Freelance Photoshop Artist or Photoshop Graphic Designer


Hiring a Photoshop Artist

I will try and bring you new articles based on Photoshop artists, Photoshop graphics designers, Photoshop freelance designers and others that use Photoshop in everyday professions. Photoshop based graphic professionals are hired and work via collaborations with clients on various projects such as designing a company logo and public image/identity. This means everything that goes with graphics from the colors used and allowed for a logos and advertisements and media involved in it to developing the images used in a media campaign via stock imagery to rendering and modeling of concepts that are used in Photoshop for creative graphics projects before they get approved for final copy. My whole point of this blog in particular and series of articles is to point out to all potential graphics and media clients the many realities of hiring a Photoshop artist, Illustrator or Graphic Designer.

      The reason that many people have no clue what the cost of hiring a freelance Photoshop artist is that there are so many areas of expertise, and that you do not want to offend a potentially great artist designer or illustrator that you may need down the road. Sure the person you found may be very fluent in Photoshop graphic design style work but not a great artist or Photoshop based illustrator, do you toss this person to the side or offer them money to do a task they do not really have any business performing? Do you insult them after offering cash they cannot refuse, get mad and then when you needed that skilled person in layout graphics and design but now due to and issue during he artists phase and fired the layout designer so you have and artist that is only so, so with layout design and maybe even charges twice as much per hour and is stumbling through the process due to mainly working on combinations of airbrushing and illustrating images for advertisements.


      Your best bet is to make sure that the artist is working in there comfort level and field of professional expertise. So in this Photoshop series we will be visiting and covering the whole idea that if it is a project of decent size then you may need and art director, a layout and graphic designer, and illustration artist, a 3d artist and last but not least a Photoshop wizard that can and does  use all the tricks of the trade in photo manipulation, airbrushing, color grading, compositing and as well also even has web graphics and development skills. All the while this Photoshop guru has no issues understanding the difference between the assorted graphics for the web fields and print media which is different in the way that image formats are used, colored, sized and again how they even may be manipulated. So these are some of the types of articles I will bring to you ! Tomorrow I will add the list in the next article seeing after I proofread my blog post and realized that I had a medium sized essay in the introduction to Photoshop designers and artists alone. When trying to be thorough I can end up being long winded  and this is and area that needs a lot of room to explain seeing the width or aspect of all the power contained in Photoshop.

Below are a few examples of simple Photoshop artworks, Photoshop graphic designs and more

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Friday, August 22, 2014

Uses and Different Photoshop Artist and Designers Ideas !

 Photoshop Artists and Graphic Designers Using Photoshop

This week I will post uses and different styles from Photoshop graphic designers, with maybe a little bit of Zbrush included. But here my main example and point being the wide range of Photoshop and uses by concept artists, freelance artists, freelance illustrators and graphic designers. Also as well when coupled with other artistic , 3d and graphic designers tools, film and video programs, that it has  powers to literally carry our imagination and creativity to new highs that have never before been reached in the history of man. If you would like to see more example of using Photoshop as part of the creative process Visit our Digital Graphic Artists page as well.

      Seeing that most all creative process includes the use of Photoshop for one task or another whether it is for masking, layers and composition, concept art, creating textures for a 3d model, creating some sort of effect for and Aftereffects video project, creating the mockup for a website, retouching home photos, color grading and Photoshopping images for media and or print advertising (magazines, flyers, billboards for example.) etc. ...   Photoshop is simply put the most important tool for creative artists and their artwork as well for graphic designers. Photoshop is that sort of tool that no matter how long you have been using Photoshop , you just never quite mater every single use or aspect of it. The Photoshop workflows are almost endless and

Photoshop is used at all points in the creative process as well. Photoshop is present in basically all movie runtimes and video game pipelines. You may use Photoshop in conjunction with adobe illustrator for designing a T-shirt, or billboard even.For example this tshirt template for a website with the art being created in both Photoshop and Illustrator. Here in this below example came from some renders I did approximately 5 years ago using a program called poser, which allows people to pose the avatars and render the scenes as well change the models via editing etc.  In the end you are left with diffuse layer renders, shadow, layers, depth of field layers etc etc ... the different layers are then composited in Photoshop allowing Photoshop artists to tweak and change the picture via adjustment layers.

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